How to make studying at home easy

By life@scape
Sep 09, 2022
COVID-19 has essentially pushed us into a more digital lifestyle, discover our top tips for making your new working area as tech-savvy as possible.

So much more efficient…

With all of us experiencing a new way of living and studying online, it has never been more important to set up your home office to ensure proper communication between you and the outside world. We have some tips on making your new working area as tech-savvy as possible.

#1 Organising your workspace

Whether it is a kitchen table, spare bedroom or a desk in your bedroom, it is important to have a designated and organised workspace. This is so you can minimise distractions and wasted time searching for things. If you do have many devices for your home working space, it might be good to get a HDMI and USB hub to allow multiple devices or screens to be connected to your laptop at once.

#2 Make sure you have a reliable laptop

When studying from home, your new best friend will become your laptop. So why not treat yourself to a reliable laptop that offers many useful tools when studying? You can look at a laptop with more battery life or something that has a bigger screen to multitask on. Make sure you do your research on which laptop suits you best.

#3 Back yourself up…always

There is nothing worse than realising that all your hard work from the last semester has disappeared into thin air due to your computer crashing. Make sure you keep your laptop or devices regularly backed up. To make it easy you could use a Portable SSD Drive to back up those important files and maybe to store important memories too.

#4 Remember the important things

We know that sometimes when you are studying you can get into the zone and everything else ceases to exist. But it is still so important to take breaks, stand up and do some exercise to ensure your mind can rest and rejuvenate. An Apple Watch can help calm yourself through certain breathing exercises, remind you to have a water break, reduce stress and help prioritise your goals.