Recycling & Minimising Waste

Initiatives collectively designed to correct garbage disposal/recycling habits. By doing this, we aim to minimise the quantity of waste sent to landfill.

Green Transport Options

Encouraging the use of alternative transport options
which serve to reduce individual carbon footprint
and promote physical activity.

Green Space For Students

Transforming indoor and outdoor areas in an environmentally friendly manner which fosters participation. By creating green spaces such as these we hope to create a friendly community that promotes mindfulness.

Education On Environmental Impact

We acknowledge our students come from a variety of
backgrounds which may not all have the same level of education
with regard to environmental practices. Through including a series
of engaging activities we seek to break down these barriers.


Recycling & Minimising Waste

– Clear directional signage for garbage/recycling chutes.

– Informative posters with “Did you know” style facts.

– Charity clothes, bedding & household collection bins.

– More recycling bins for our communal spaces.

– Clean 4 Credit
(residents donate items to charity in exchange for Scape credit).

Green Transport Options

– Free to use Scape bicycles for every building.

– Cycling tours around each city.

– Partnerships with local bike suppliers, providing our students
with discounted purchases on all products.



Green Space For Students

– Garden beds and plants both indoor and outdoors in communal areas.

– Herb garden spaces

– Zen garden spaces







Education On Environmental Impact

– Monthly blog post.

– Annual “Enviro week”

– Guest speakers.

– Installation pieces such as recyclables jellyfish
made from donated plastic bottles.

– War on Waste screening.

– Bike n’ Blend
(whereby residents create their own pedal-powered smoothies)

– Outings to animal sanctuaries.




Charity Collection Posters
(Recycling and minimising waste)

Charity Collection Posters
(Recycling and minimising waste)

‘Did You Know?’ Enviro Fact Posters
(Recycling and minimising waste)

‘Did You Know?’ Enviro Fact Posters
(Recycling and minimising waste)

Herb Garden
(Green spaces for students)

Scape Bikes
(Green transport options)


Isobel – EnviroScape Student Ambassador

Plastic bottle jellyfish installation

Don’t be a litterbug

Do you feel like you haven’t been involved in a student event yet at Scape? Then this should be the one! We are having a whole week dedicated to sustainability this September!

OK, I know what you’re thinking… but seriously has anyone else seen the bin rooms when no one uses the chute? I have, and it’s smelly and gross!

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I moved away from my home when I was 15 to attend boarding school, six hours away from anything I knew or had experienced before. Yet still this year- after three years already living in Melbourne, life has been a bit stressful at times.

As you all know – we now have to do everything for ourselves- even the early morning milk run in our PJs! Everyone living at Scape has their own story and way of dealing with the change of living in a new city or living independently (often for the first time). This blog won’t only give you tips on how to be more sustainable but also provide a friendly face around Scape.

Scape is a sustainable building! Did you know that Scape has a 5-star rating green building? I didn’t realise until a few weeks ago!! To live up to this rating, we are holding a sustainability week from the 10th of September that will involve all new sustainable features around Scape.

Here are some ways you can start individually contributing to being sustainable at Scape in the coming weeks:

1. Start separating your waste in your kitchen. Simply follow the rule – front bin for waste products and back bin for recycling material. This way you can put it in the bin chute with more ease.

2. Make sure only recycling is put into the recycling chute. This ensures no contamination of the recycling, which is really important. Did you know we have to throw out the entire skip bin of recycling if it gets contaminated with non-recyclable products?

3. Please use the bin chutes; they are there for a reason! If you put your rubbish elsewhere it may attract pests, and also leaves a smell which isn’t very nice for your neighbours!

Fun fact: Each aluminum can recycled saves enough electricity to run a TV for 3 hours.

So lastly, please treat the recycling system at Scape with respect and recycle those cans so we can all continue to enjoy those sneaky hours of TV watching while in the comfort of your Scape room.

And those black boxes placed around the communal area? Drop your plastic bottles in them for an exciting artwork under construction and on display during environment week at Scape.

EnviroScape Student Ambassador