Welcome to the Safe Scape Hub

Safety First, Always!

At Scape, we not only understand the importance of student safety, it’s our priority. That’s why we’re disrupting the industry with the Scape Safe Hub, a comprehensive solution that goes beyond traditional safety measures.

Here’s what’s new:

    • Smart Precincting & Mobile EV Patrols: Maximised safety with a focus on environmental responsibility.
    • Security Specialists & CCTV: Professional presence & discreet, cutting-edge surveillance.
    • Around the Clock Support: Our dedicated team is there, whenever you need them.
    • Integrated Tech & Centralised Response: A seamless security platform ensures consistent and swift action across our Australian network.

Around the clock security measures

Scape residents can rest assured knowing that they are being taken care of 24/7, with the continuous integration of new and improved aspects of care designed to enhance their safety, comfort, and peace of mind.


Vehicle and Guard Tracking

On-the-ground security is available to all Scape residents. Around the clock, 24/7, Scape offers the Scape Safe Van exclusively for the convenience and safety of its residents.


Trained security professionals for when you need them

Services like postal pick-up, rent payments, and equipment borrowing will now be available from 7 AM to 11 PM.


Command and Control Centre

Enhanced security measures, including an integrated CCTV platform and support from security specialists.