Preparing for Your Exams – Keeping Your Mind and Body Healthy

By life@scape
Sep 09, 2022
Tips and tricks to keep your stress levels down and ace your final exams.

Every student knows the lead up to final exam time can be stressful. Thankfully there are plenty of easy methods you can use to keep your stress levels down and prepare yourself mentally and physically for your final exams.


1. Start studying early
Don’t leave studying to the last minute, as it is much harder to retain information in a short period of time. Instead in the lead up to your exams, set aside time every day to study each subject. It can be useful to create a calendar which outlines the hours you will study, to ensure you are properly covering your various subject areas.


2. Declutter
Since you’ll be spending a large amount of time in your study space, it’s important to keep it clean of clutter. Get on top of filing and remove rubbish as the cleaner your study area, the easier it will be to concentrate.


3. Eat the right food
Just like running a marathon, when it comes to studying you will need fuel to keep you going. By having a proper breakfast like oatmeal, which is known to be a good source of fibre, you will ensure you have the energy to put in an effective study session daily. Also make sure you have some healthy snacks like bananas, blueberries and nuts at hand, to keep your energy levels high over your study day.


4. Exercise
On top of eating the right foods, it’s also a smart idea to exercise regularly through the exam preparation period. Go for a run, visit your local gym or check out the events calendar to see if any fitness classes will be held during the month. Not only is exercise shown to improve memory, but it will also give you a well-deserved break away from your desk.


5. Join a study group
Once you’ve built up some knowledge around your subject area, test your knowledge by joining or creating a study group. You can ask each other questions and help improve on one another’s gaps in knowledge. Don’t forget that your Scape residence also has study rooms you can use.