The secret to living with flatmates

By life@scape
Sep 09, 2022

One of the best parts about studying in Australia and living at Scape is meeting new people and more often than not, your roommates will become your closest friends.

However, that doesn’t mean issues won’t arise from time to time. That’s why being it’s so important to communicate effectively and be a kind human!

Here are some of our top tips for getting along with your roommates and ensuring you have a smooth living experience whilst living abroad:

Get to know them

Everyone is different and will react to situations differently. So take the time to get to know your roommates. Ask them plenty of questions and let each other know what your expectations are when it comes to living in the same accommodation.

Consider a cleaning schedule

What can often cause problems is someone pulling more of the load when it comes to cleaning. To ensure everyone is doing their share, a cleaning schedule can be a great idea. This is especially important when it comes to shared areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Respect each other’s privacy

While there are common areas that you can both enjoy hanging out in together, like the lounge room, everyone needs some time alone to unwind – a space that is entirely their own. It’s important to respect roommates’ area and possessions, so they have that sense of privacy. Of course, you should expect the same privacy from your roommates as well.

Let them know about visitors

Whilst living in Australia, you will probably make plenty of new friends. But it is important to remember to touch base with your roommates before inviting them over. You never know if they will be preparing for a big exam or assignment and need some quiet time to study.

Be Neutral

If you’re living with more than one roommate, even if you agree with one over the other it’s wise to avoid taking sides or treating one with greater preference. After all you want everyone to feel comfortable and get along with each other the same.

Remember studying overseas and living with roommates, can bring some of the greatest memories of your life. With a little effective communication, you can make the experience a seamless one! Be kind to your flatmates and enjoy all that shared living has to offer!