Suburb profile: Swanston Street

By life@scape
Sep 09, 2022
If you’re looking for student accommodation in Melbourne, Australia -  it’s hard to find a better spot than Swanston Street

If you’re looking for student accommodation in Melbourne, Australia –  it’s hard to find a better spot than Swanston Street, centrally located in the heart of bustling Melbourne CBD.

Here are a couple of reason why this prime location is the perfect spot for you.


It’s in the middle of Melbourne’s CBD and hottest suburbs

Swanston Street is right next door to hotspot suburbs like Fitzroy and Carlton, which are home to some of Melbourne’s most famous shopping and eating districts. Plus, Swanston Street is one of the city’s busiest tram hubs, which means there’s a tonne of public transport to get you anywhere you want to go.


It’s close to Fitzroy restaurants and cafes

Melbourne is known for its world-class restaurants and cafes, offering up a huge range of culinary options. From Swanston St, you can walk or catch a bus to check out some of the best restaurants in Fitzroy, from all-vegan Red Sparrow Pizza to rooftop dining at The Provincial. There’s something for every palate!


There’s plenty of world-class shopping

From the iconic Queen Victoria Market to niche Australian fashion boutiques, you’re in prime position for some of the best and most unique shopping Melbourne has to offer. You’ll want to hunt out the shops that fit your style, but a good place to start is nearby Gertrude St in Fitzroy, home to shops like design store About Space and Melbourne-based Handsom boutique.


You’ll never run out of arts and culture experiences

If the Melbourne cultural scene is what you’re interested in, then you’re in luck. Just a stone’s throw from Swanston Street, you’ll find a number of independent galleries, cinemas, theatres, science and history museums including the Melbourne Museum and Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre.


You’ll experience historical Melbourne

Founded in 1835, Melbourne is a city rich with history. Living in Swanston St, you’re within walking distance of sites like the Old Melbourne Gaol, the 8 Hour Day Monument and Coops Shot Tower, an 1800’s bullet factory turned museum. A self-guided walking tour around the area is a great way to see these sites.


With so much to do and see, Scape Swanston in Melbourne just might be the perfect new home for you!