Getting To Melbourne’s Universities: A Public Transport Guide

By life@scape
Mar 01, 2024
If you're planning to study or visit the educational institutions in this lively city, understanding the public transport system is key to navigating with ease.

Melbourne, known for its vibrant arts scene, exquisite cafes, and dynamic culture, is also home to leading universities that attract students from all over the globe. If you’re planning to study or visit the educational institutions in this lively city, understanding the public transport system is key to navigating with ease. Here’s your guide to reaching RMIT University, Monash University, and the University of Melbourne using Melbourne’s efficient public transport network.

RMIT University

Situated in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, RMIT University is as urban as it gets. Here’s how you can get there:

  • Trams: The tram routes (1, 3, 5, 6, 16, 64, 67, and 72) that run along Swanston Street indeed provide direct access to the university, with stops conveniently located at Melbourne Central and near RMIT University itself. This tram network, part of Melbourne’s iconic public transport system, facilitates easy access not only to RMIT but also connects students and visitors to other parts of the city.
  • Train: Melbourne Central Station is a major transportation hub located conveniently close to RMIT. It’s part of both the metropolitan and regional train network, making it easy for students and visitors coming from various parts of Victoria to reach the university. The short walk from Melbourne Central Station to the campus further enhances its accessibility.

Monash University (Clayton Campus)

Monash University’s Clayton campus, the largest of its campuses, is located in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne. Here’s how to reach it:

  • Trains and Buses: The train journey to Huntingdale Station on the Pakenham and Cranbourne lines, followed by a bus trip (routes 601, 630, or 900) directly to the campus, is a common route for students. This combination of train and bus services effectively links the campus with the wider public transport network, facilitating student access from diverse locations.
  • Shuttle Bus: Monash University also operates a free shuttle bus from Caulfield Campus to Clayton Campus for students, making inter-campus travel a breeze.

University of Melbourne

As one of the oldest universities in Australia, the University of Melbourne is a prominent feature of the city’s northern edge in Parkville. Getting there is straightforward:

  • Trams: Tram routes 19, 59, and 64 travel along Elizabeth Street and Swanston Street, offering stops near the university. The Royal Melbourne Hospital tram stop is a popular disembarkation point for those heading to the Parkville campus.
  • Train: the proximity of Melbourne Central Station offers a convenient rail link for those traveling from further afield, with the option of a short tram ride or walk to the campus, emphasizing the university’s central position in Melbourne’s public transport network.

Additional Tips

  • Use Public Transport Apps: Melbourne’s public transport system is supported by several apps designed to make travel easier. Apps like PTV (Public Transport Victoria) provide real-time updates on service timetables, disruptions, and journey planning. Using these apps can help you plan your journey more effectively and avoid any unexpected delays.
  • Get a Myki Card: Myki is Melbourne’s ticketing system for trains, trams, and buses. It’s a reusable smart card that you top up with money. A Myki card can be purchased from train stations, some tram stops, and retail locations including convenience stores. Registering your Myki card online allows for balance protection in case of loss or theft and easier top-up options.

Melbourne’s public transport network, comprising trams, trains, and buses, makes it incredibly easy to travel between these universities and explore the city’s many attractions. Whether you’re moving to Melbourne for your studies or visiting, you’ll find public transport both convenient and accessible.

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