Brisbane’s University Commute: A Student’s Guide to Public Transport

By life@scape
Mar 04, 2024
Home to several renowned universities, Brisbane offers a comprehensive public transport network, making it simple for students to navigate their way to and from campus.

Brisbane, with its sunny weather, vibrant city life, and sprawling parks, is also a city that takes education seriously. Home to several renowned universities, Brisbane offers a comprehensive public transport network, making it simple for students to navigate their way to and from campus. Here’s how you can reach the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, and Griffith University using Brisbane’s public transport.

University of Queensland (UQ), St Lucia Campus

  • Bus: UQ Chancellors Place is the central hub for buses connecting the campus with Brisbane. Key routes include 411 (to the City), 412 (City to St Lucia), 402 (connecting local areas), 428 and 427 (to Chapel Hill), and 432 (to Kenmore).
  • CityCat Ferry: The UQ St Lucia ferry terminal links the campus directly to various Brisbane locations via the CityCat service, including West End, South Bank, and Northshore Hamilton, making it a scenic and efficient travel option.

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

  • Gardens Point Campus:
    • Bus: Alice Street Stop 95 near George St services numerous routes, including express services (P173, P206, P207, P208), offering extensive city and suburban connectivity.
    • Ferry: The QUT Gardens Point ferry terminal provides access to CityCat services, facilitating travel to South Bank, UQ St Lucia, and Northshore Hamilton.
    • Train: South Bank Station, a 15-minute walk away, serves the Gold Coast, Beenleigh, and Cleveland lines, connecting to various destinations.
  • Kelvin Grove Campus:
    • Bus: QUT Kelvin Grove Station offers routes like 66 (UQ Lakes to RBWH), 330, 340, and 333, connecting the campus to Brisbane’s key locations.

Griffith University

  • Nathan Campus:
    • Bus: Direct bus routes from the city include 125, 120, 134, 135, 155, and GUIB, with the Southeast Busway enhancing campus accessibility.
  • South Bank Campus:
    • Bus: The South Bank busway station serves numerous bus routes, including the 196 to Fairfield and the 60 (CityGlider) to Fortitude Valley, facilitating travel across the city.
    • Train: At South Brisbane station, train routes include the Beenleigh, Cleveland, and Gold Coast lines, connecting to suburbs and cities such as Beenleigh, Cleveland, and the Gold Coast.
    • Ferry: The South Bank ferry terminal offers CityCat and CityHopper services, with destinations like Northshore Hamilton, University of Queensland, and New Farm Park, providing scenic and efficient river transport.

Brisbane’s network of buses, trains, and ferries ensures that no matter where you live in the city, you can find a convenient way to get to your university. Plus, the TransLink Go Card makes it easy to hop between different modes of transport seamlessly.

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