6 Signs You Are In The Right Job

By life@scape
Sep 09, 2022

Whether you work in retail or at a cafe, having a part time job comes part and parcel with University life.

If you nod your head in agreement to the majority of these signs, it’s a good indicator your current job is right for you.

1. You’re actually excited about heading into work

Of course, we all get Mondayitis (or should we say Saturdayitis for those who work on weekends), but if you find yourself looking forward to your next shift, to see everyone from your manager to your work friends, then it’s a major tick towards your current job.

2. You’ll go above and beyond for the company

Whether it’s taking on longer hours or coming into cover a shift for a work colleague who’s sick, you’re more than happy to make the extra effort.

3. You’re adding to your skills

Are you constantly learning new things at your job? While the skills you learn working part time during university may not directly correlate with what you’re studying, a job that is constantly teaching you new skills will make it a more rewarding role and one you might want to stick with for the rest of your course.

4. You’re happy outside of work

Apart from attending university tutorials and lectures, your work probably takes up the second largest portion of your time. So it’s important it’s fulfilling and making you happy, as your mood from work is likely to come through when you’re doing other things outside of your job.

5. The day goes by quickly 

There’s nothing worse than having a job where the day drags on and you literally count the seconds (not minutes) until you can get out of there. If instead the day flies by at your current job, then it’s a clear sign it’s a good fit for you.

6. You would recommend your company to your friends

If you find yourself encouraging your friends to apply for a job with the company you’re currently working for it’s probably the biggest sign this is the job for you!