Stories of Scape

Read all about the incredible experiences and unforgettable memories our Scape residents have had!

Yijie Shi, Scape South Bank

Life in Scape is like living in a big family that brings me so much happiness. I really enjoy various fascinating activities in Scape and appreciate the free shuttle bus and breakfast every morning. I have made many friends that have come from different countries at Scape, and now I never feel lonely. Instead, life at Scape is full of surprises! The best moment I’ve had was meditating with baby goats. I love meditating but I never imagined that one day I could do this with such cute goats. It was awesome! It was my first time being so close to baby goats. I will never forget the feeling when the baby goat lay in my arms and ate grass from my hand. It was so relaxing and fascinating and it is a good memory for me!

Adriana, Scape Swanston

My favourite Scape moment cannot be put into one specific event, but instead it is every day since I’ve been here. This is the place I call home. Home is where you feel comfortable and also knowing you have a support system. I’m describing Scape itself. I am making memories here day by day and even if I could go back in time, I would choose Scape again in a heartbeat. Scape is the place to be! #MyScapeMoment forever and always.

Steph, Scape South Bank

Scape has brought joy and excitement to my student life and my daily schedule! One thing that I’m very sure about since living here is that Scape cares for its residents. They take extra care to make sure that the residents are happy, healthy, and well equipped.

Firstly, the bedroom. When I first saw the room, I could feel that the designers think carefully about details of the rooms, even in the desk chair’s design. The edge is curved so it can adjust to the sitting person’s movement ergonomically when they’re typing or writing. Not only that but also the TV position and storage are well thought out! 

Next thing is the events! They are all useful, fun, and good for our health (food and sports, lol), and even mental healthcare events too. I love all of the meditation, BBQ and Cooking Class. Especially, the Ballroom Party. It was lit 😎❤️

Finally, all of the facilities are well maintained and the maintenance team are super fast. Not to mention the unlimited wifi and included bills which are a big help and take away any added concerns for students.

I would like to say that this might be the best student accommodation experience I will ever have 😉

Brianna, Scape Swanston

I’m still a newcomer from China and have been here for only a few days. When I first stepped into the foyer a beautiful girl and handsome boy welcomed me with warm smiles. At that time, my exhausted body and mind were cured immediately, and the nervousness flew away because of the bridge built between the team and I by kind small talks. I have been decorating my room to welcome my life in Melbourne with self-confidence, hope and help from Scape. And I’m sure that I will no longer call Scape an ‘apartment’ but ‘my home’ soon.

成长, Scape South Bank

The slide is the most interesting part of the building that I’ve ever seen! It got my attention the first day I came here.  Sometimes I just lay down on the double size bed in my apartment and look out at the view, especially during the sunset as it is so amazing. The bed is so soft it makes it hard to get up every day! The floor that I live on is also so cool and looks like a science or technology museum. 

I’ve also met some really nice friends at Scape. Even though my mother language is Chinese, there has been no barrier to making good mates. We hang out together at Scape all the time, especially when it is someone’s birthday – we like to go to the rooftop to celebrate! The Scape bus is also great to get to and from UQ, and the bus driver Ernesto is a musician and is really nice! 

I love the Scape Sounds events, and always have a great weekend when my friends and I go to the events. My friends and I really miss the food from our hometowns, so we like to use the communal kitchen together to cook, especially dumplings! My other favourite thing is the bear who lives at Scape South Bank, he makes me feel at home 🙂

Brooke, Emily & Sophia, Scape South Bank


When I first moved in my neighbour brought me a bar of Tim Tams and we sat and chatted for hours. Now we spend most weeks bringing each other food and chatting still!


My favourite memory from Scape was the Scape Backyard party because I got to meet other people in the building I hadn’t met before!


My favourite Scape memory is playing ping pong (and getting really good!) as a study break with my apartment mate, and Scott! 😊

Rainie, Scape Swanston

Looking back at 2018, my favourite Scape moments are the deep conversations between fellow Scape residents and even staff. With the countless number of people coming in and out of our lives, it is not the people that count, but more the stories and experiences and insights that I have gained when talking to people. These moments expanded my horizons and allow me to be more open-minded in my judgments and experiences!

Elyaziah, Scape Swanston

My favourite Scape moment was when I met people from different cultures in the first couple of days, which made me feel more comfortable moving in. I like how I got to know other people and make many friends thanks to Scape!