Standing Out From the Crowd at University

Taking the time now to garner experience and skills whilst at university will set you farther ahead when it comes time to start your job applications, which will be here sooner than you might expect!


Australian universities offer students support services to assist in preparing for the future, and providing advice on how to become as job-ready as possible before you step out into the workforce. They are often able to line up internships or work experience opportunities too, which will help develop your employability and appeal to future workplaces. You’ll find yourself with a bit of spare time whilst studying, so utilise every opportunity you get to apply for temporary work. Every little will help in the long run.

Jobs Fairs and Networking

Graduate job fairs and expos are offered at both a state and university level in Australia, so make sure to keep an ear to the ground at your uni to find out when they might be hosting exciting events for you to attend. Check out the Queensland Government website to see what is happening around Brisbane, and in Melbourne you can keep an eye out for the Melbourne Career Expo updates on when tickets become available for the next event. In Sydney there is the yearly Western Sydney Careers Expo to visit too! There are many companies that attend these expos and events, giving students the best opportunities to get face-to-face with industry leaders and learn more about graduate opportunities.


Volunteering is one of those all-encompassing concepts and includes a whole host of things to do whilst you’re at university. You can sign up to one-time volunteering events or projects, or get involved in volunteering positions or programmes that can be longer-term, and could potentially lead to a recognition of your hard work. There are also training programmes available to university students that aide in developing specific skill sets, which is a great option if you’re interested in adding another feather to your bow. Volunteering is a great way to get experience and is a great asset to have, especially as it is one that future employees are sure to be looking out for.

Scape’s EnviroScape Initiative

At Scape, we aim to develop, execute and maintain the best environmental practices and systems within our buildings that will in turn reduce our individual carbon footprint and educate our students about the impact we all have on the environment. As part of our ongoing EnviroScape program, there are developing and ongoing opportunities for our residents to create, get involved in, and implement environmental practices within their own buildings. Becoming a part of our student ambassador team that support the EnviroScape initiatives is a great way to get some experience under your belt and onto the CV.

Clubs and Societies

Your university’s clubs and societies can have an important influence on your career. Employers often look through your CV to see what extra-curricular activities or involvements you might’ve had during your university years that took place outside of the lecture room that will help you stand out. Employers look to see that you’ve had opportunities to develop skills such as team work, problem solving or people skills, as well as taking on additional responsibilities, so having work within university clubs and societies will give your job application that little bit of something extra. Don’t be daunted or think that you mightn’t have time to get involved, the best part about clubs and societies is that they usually run in-line with your university timetable when it comes to meetings or events, so they’re perfectly set up for you!

There are plenty of opportunities within your reach to get your CV filled with the things that will make you stand out. Taking the time now to garner experience and skills whilst at university will set you farther ahead when it comes time to start your job applications, which will be here sooner than you might expect! Your university years will fly by, so make the most of the opportunities you’ve got.