How to Have a Productive Summer

So summer is here. Here is your guide to making the most of it.

Start a creative project

Whether you’re a writer, an artist, a photographer or a filmmaker, one of the best uses of all that free time is to start a project. A great thing about this is that you have no restrictions on what to do. Whether this is writing a story, shooting a short film or creating a collage consisting of artwork, the choice is entirely yours and by the end of the summer, you could end up with something really inspiring. One of the best parts of this idea is that it can be a collaborative effort. Get your friends or family involved if at all possible, to have them contribute to your project.

Prepare for your next term

Nothing is worse than the crash of returning to studies after a long summer break, I find it really helps to already be partially in the right mind-set to learn before heading back to lessons. It’s a good idea to have a look at your course curriculum for your next term, as most universities have this information available for you. Try looking on their public website or their private student intranet site. If it’s possible to start preparing or even working on projects before term even starts, it’ll help you keep far ahead of deadlines! 

Be active

With the sun shining and not a cloud in sight, it would be a shame to waste summer indoors. Now is the time to go out and explore the world and yourself. Trying finding a new hobby, go camping, go for walks, or plan trips to different areas of the country (there’s so much to see in your own back garden). The summer’s weather also makes it a perfect time to start out an exercise routine, there’s plenty of information about this on my last blog; food and fitness.

Find some work (or work experience)

Nothing can be seen as more productive than getting a job and earning money. Summer job placements are pretty common in many places of work so there are plenty of opportunities to find a seasonal job. Simply getting a part-time job at your local fast food restaurant means that you’re earning something. Finding work experience is also a valuable use of time during summer, especially if you can find it in the industry of your career choice. As summer time is when people often travel aboard for holidays, some businesses can find themselves low on staff. Your offer to help during this time could be invaluable to them, and gives you the potential to network and make contacts in your industry!