Not to miss- March in Melbourne

There’s so much to do as a student in Australia, in and out of the Scape buildings. We’re all about bringing you the best student lifestyle and our staff experts in their cities. Staying at Scape you’re also in the best locations to experience events all around your city, so make the most of it. We’ve shortlisted some of the best events to check out in Melbourne this month, so check them out and embrace the year that lasts a lifetime.

March 6th to 9th Moomba Long Weekend

In this Melbourne tradition, you will find dance, skateboarding, music, movie viewings, a parade and the strange yearly tradition called the Birdman Rally. Moomba’s Birdman Rally features people jumping into the Yarra river and seeing how far they can ‘fly’ wearing home-made costumes. This event is free, and only a short tram ride from Scape Swanston at Birrung Marr, so why not check it out!‎/

March 12th to 15th Rolex Formula 1 Grand Prix

Do you love the smell of burnt rubber, the roar of the engine of a fast car and the atmosphere of one of fastest events in Australia? Look no further than the Grand Prix, located in Albert Park in Melbourne, easily accessible by tram or any fast car of your choosing. There are tonnes of options for entertainment or you can watch some extremely fast cars go laps around a scenic lake.

March 18th to 29th Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Melbourne is known for a delicious selection of cuisines and restaurants to cater to all tastes. The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival celebrates this with over a week of tasty events, from pasta making classes, to Italian Yum Cha fusion, aperitifs, a cheese event hosted at a beautiful park and an event dedicated to chips. Events are hosted all around the city and range from free entry to premium prices.

March 25th to April 19th Melbourne International Comedy Festival

For three and a half weeks, funny people from around the world will gather in Melbourne for the Comedy Festival. There are events for all tastes at a number of fabulous venues, and you’re guaranteed to find an event or show that will make you laugh. Shows at Town Hall and the State Library of Victoria are only a short walk away from Scape Swanston, so international and local comedy is at your fingertips!