10 Simple Tips to Living Sustainability as a Student

Make the most of your time in Australia, you deserve a study break! We’re already making our plans for when restrictions end, why not add one of your faves to your itinerary? Grab some friends, hire a car, and voyage out to some of the most beautiful spots in the country to make some unforgettable memories. Don’t forget to charge your camera before setting out to any of these picture-perfect destinations.

Blue Mountains National Park

Australia is a special country, home to unique species and natural wonders that call for adventure. The privilege to explore such a great land also comes with the responsibility of looking after it, and our friends at Senda have shared a list of their top ten tips to explore sustainable while you’re staying in Australia!

As a student, we’re sure you’re already full ideas to explore Australia during the university down times, but it’s important to make sure you think about these few tips to help minimise your environmental impact whilst on the road!

1.      Always Carry a Reusable Water Bottle

Australia can get very, very hot and keeping hydrated is key for any trips, big or small, out exploring. Our tap water is safe to drink, plus the government have done a great job providing fountains and refilling stations pretty much everywhere!

So, our number one tip to reduce your plastic footprint and save money is to always carry a refillable water bottle. It will no doubt become your favourite travel buddy!

2.       Say No to Single-Use Takeaway!

Whilst exploring and making the most of your days, grabbing a quick bite or coffee during your day can become a normal habit. The problem is that these single use items have a significant impact on our environment as they are not often recycled, and the trail left after only a few weeks can accumulate fast…

Make sure to pack a reusable lunchbox, coffee cup and light cutlery set in your daily carry bag to enjoy your meals guilt-free. They will also be super handy when packing food and snacks for day trips out on the Scape Shuttle, and of course certainly when ticking an Aussie Beach BBQ off your bucket-list!


3.      Choose Eco Friendly Companies

When looking for a place to spend the night and who to book your next tour with, go for businesses that are committed to sustainable practices and provide high quality nature-based tourism experiences. There are several accreditation programs like ECO Tourism Australia who list many great options (tours, accommodations, attractions) with a primary focus on nature.

4.      Leave the Place Cleaner Than You Found It

We know you’re not the one leaving garbage in free camp spots, by the beach or on hikes to the best waterfalls, but unfortunately others often do. If you’re like us and get annoyed finding trash in nature, a handy trick is to keep a small bag in your backpack to collect any bits of rubbish and help protect Australia’s natural beauty even if others don’t understand it’s impact yet.


5.      Visit the Farmer’s Markets

Checking out some of the incredible organic local produce at Farmer’s Markets in most cities or towns in Australia is a great way to get the local feel for places you visit on your travels in Australia. At Scape we love to support our local businesses and farmers, so make sure to keep an eye on our monthly calendar and sign up to our day trips to come along! Bring your own Tote and produce Mesh Bags to avoid any single-use plastic, to categorise and carry your veg!  

6.      Use Reef-Safe Sunscreen

We bet you already know that sun protection in Australia is VERY important due to the elevated UV radiation reaching the countries surface. Whilst sunscreen is a must, it’s important to responsibly choose which one to use. Did you know that the most commonly used sunscreens in the market block the UV using a chemical layer? Recent studies have found that a very small concentration of some of these chemicals like oxybenzone break down the coral! Not only that, but studies suggest that it may be dangerous to our own health!

Natural mineral sunscreen, made from non-nano zinc, is a great alternative! It still protects you from the sun whilst being safe for our oceans. There are great options available nowadays, our favourite SPF50 is made by the folks at SunButter, it’s vegan and plastic free!


7.      Follow the National Park Rules

Australia has thousands of National Parks and conservation areas! From ancient rainforests and breathtaking beaches to snowy mountains, deserts, coral reefs and so much more. These areas are protected by the state for the enjoyment of the general public, as well as for the preservation of wildlife and ecosystem. It’s important to understand and follow any rules that may apply to each of them, as you may not only endanger the plants and animals living in them but your own safety too.

8.      Visit Sanctuaries Over Zoos

We know that one of the most exciting things about coming to Australia is being able to see firsthand the amazing animals indigenous to our country! Who doesn’t love a furry koala!? Try supporting animal sanctuaries and hospitals over zoos. These organizations offer safe refuge for sick, injured, and orphaned animals, they fight to protect their habitats and educate us about how to best protect them. To accomplish all of this, they need our support! 


9.      Choose Public Transport When Possible and Share the Ride or offset your carbon footprint

Public transport is the most environmentally friendly way to travel (unless you travel by bike, if so, great work!). Because Australia is so large though, we know it can be difficult and time consuming to find options that also adapt to your timing and needs. The website Rome2Rio puts together all the options available within moments, so you don’t have to spent too much of your travel time researching!

Make sure you keep an eye on the events calendars in our Scape buildings to check out any road trips our group outings on the Scape Shuttle so that you can still explore and make the most of our incredible cities and surrounds while being taking an environmentally-friendly transport option too!

10.      Buy Local Products

Whether it’s at the farmer’s markets, an artisan store or cafe, try to choose local products! What better way to enjoy a treat than having a pound of freshly picked strawberries or a refreshing kombucha made just down the road? The local flavours, and the locals shopping there too, will all help you get a 360-degree experience of the place you are visiting. You will also be helping to support local business and reduce your carbon footprint!


Now that you’re armed with our best tips to minimise your environmental impact, go out and explore! Australia is full of adventures and we’re sure that during your stay at Scape you’ll find plenty of ways to make the most of your experience and enjoy everything Australia has to offer!