Tips to keep active

Finding the motivation to stay healthy and keep active is not easy, we're not going to lie. Even when you're feeling a little lazy, it's important to remember that there are loads of benefits of staying fit, so we all have to lace up those runners and do something sporty. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind, and keep exercising.

1) Recognising the reasons why

Knowing the benefits and having clear motivation for exercising can help you just go out and do it. Think about your physical health and how it can allow you to live a happy long life, get the endorphins that will make you less stressed when uni is tough, or the massive gains you wish you had. Have a goal in mind, then you can use it to get you through tough sessions or going for those workouts even when your bed is so comfy.

2) Find a form of exercise that works for you

How you want to stay fit is a personal preference, some people love running, others will prefer bike-riding, skipping or circuit exercises, or pick a sport and make the most of your competitive spirit. Keep in mind that a balance of cardio and muscular fitness is ideal, but find something you enjoy so you want to exercise.

3) Get some comfy activewear you love

There is nothing worse than trying to run  or work out in clothing that is uncomfortable or doesn’t fit. If you invest in some cool yet practical gear you might find you want to show it off too. Shoes are super important too, especially for running. Many shoe stores or speciality running stores have experts in shoe fitting so you can get the shoes that will protect your body and improve your form.

4) Talk to a personal trainer or coach

Taking a class or getting some personalised tips from a trainer or coach might help you find the motivation and the exercises that work best for you. They’ll be able to make sure you’re doing exercises with good form and suggest some exercises that will help you strengthen where it’s needed most. They’ll also keep you accountable!

5) Find an exercise buddy

Find a friend who wants to get fit too and support each other. Share your progress, vent about challenging sessions and challenge each other to be your best. You and your buddy can remind each other to exercise, and it can be a great way to make fitness social too.