COVID-19 Support Services

Keeping our residents safe

We are leading the way in safeguarding our students and our eco-system throughout COVID-19.

Scape has initiated many firsts. In January 2020, we introduced our COVID-19 protocols including free and immediate medical assessments, provisions for voluntary 14-day isolation (before any government announcements) and a range of enhanced protections in building for our residents. Those initiatives have been upgraded throughout the pandemic and we now also provide nurses and extra security in our buildings to support our students on a dedicated basis and offer extra peace of mind.

We are very proud as first responders and offering the most extensive suite of support services nationwide. In addition, we have implemented frequent cleaning of all communal spaces, additional hygiene and wellness staff to assist in the cleaning requirements, availability of hand sanitiser and deployment of professional cleaning services in high traffic areas.

Scape’s specialist COVID-19 Support Services include:

Extensive cleaning regimes

Virtual events program

24/7 specialist trained staff

Isolation protocols

Best practice communications

On-demand Sonder app