Boomerang Bags at Scape

In Brisbane, we partnered up with Boomerang Bags, a global movement that connects and empowers local communities to tackle plastic pollution at its source, to create our own re-usable tote bags!

We value sustainability and like to encourage our students to find ways to incorporate environmental initiatives into resident life. It’s important to us to educate our Scape community on how to practice sustainability within their lives for the present and future.

In Brisbane, we’ve partnered up with Boomerang Bags; a global movement that connects and empowers local communities to tackle plastic pollution at its source. The month of September was our EnviroScape month here at Scape, where we focused on the sustainable measures that we can put in place now. Joining with Boomerang Bags helped further connect residents to social enterprises within the local area and create a sense of community within our Scape buildings.

We had our first Boomerang Bags workshop in September 2019 for EnviroScape month, and it was a great opportunity for our residents to bond and form friendships while learning sustainable practices.

We started with a lovely grazing board from the social enterprise, Hope St, before explaining the tasks ahead and the reasoning behind our collaboration with Boomerang Bags. Our Scape team and our students all enjoyed learning new techniques about sewing and were excited to discover that making a bag was not as hard as they thought!

We started our process by using recycled fabrics from Reverse Garbage. Residents loved using the funky patterns they offered! Courtney, our Lifestyle Experience Coordinator, helped with cutting up the material and showing residents how to start their bags off. Despite residents being quick to think that the steps of cutting, pinning and ironing to make the pockets were going to be the most simple and straightforward, we soon found out that these were the crucial steps in creating the perfect plastic-free bag!

Once the foundations of the bag had been set, Caitlin, Scape Brisbane’s Lifestyle Experience Manager taught residents the basics in sewing. One of our residents, Sadhna, said “It was amazing to revive my sewing skills,” after explaining earlier how much she wanted to start up sewing again!

We were all so excited to start using our very own bags for all our different shopping needs; a makeshift backpack for carrying textbooks to and from university, the perfect bag for market trips, a unique carry bag used to carry belongings to the beach, and these were just some of the fun ways residents said how they were going to use their new bag!

We are proud to partner up with and support local businesses, and excited to offer our students opportunities to learn new skills and develop their talents and passions.