5 Must-see Aussie Movies

We’ve rounded up 5 Australian movies that we reckon are ‘must-see!’ so that you can enjoy some of the best stories, get entertained and get the lingo straight from the mouths of this country’s talented actors.

5 Must-see Aussie Movies

Crocodile Dundee (1986) is possibly one of the most iconic Australian movies there is. Paul Hogan stars in this film as an outback Australian guy, tackling the bush, wearing an akubra and wrestling crocodiles. He is visited by a journalist from the US investigating crocodile attacks. He impresses her with his expertise of the bush, then visits  New York where antics and romance follow. Note: the film has been critiqued in recent times for not being politically correct, so it should be viewed keeping that in mind.

This 1997 Australian film is not well-known outside of Australia, but is a classic bit of Aussie culture, and essential viewing! The Castle is a lighthearted  film full of comedic family moments, it was filmed in and around Melbourne and the plot revolves around a family who are forced to leave their much loved family home so that it can be bulldozed to make way for an airport.  It’s the story of a family and their legal battle fighting for their right to have a family home.

Based on a true story, Red Dog (2011) is the tale of a kelpie/cattle dog cross who became famous and well-loved for his travels throughout the Pilbara region of Western Australia in the 70s. He became the devoted companion of a bus driver around the mines until his adopted master passes away. The story of Red Dog follows the travels of an independent dog seeking to find his person, making many human fans and friends during his voyage. There is even a statue of this canine legend in the town of Dampier in Western Australia, just to prove how wonderful this dog was.

Muriel’s Wedding (1994) features Toni Collette as Muriel who has few aspirations in her life; dreams of marriage, and escaping dull family life. Awkward Muriel resorts to stealing from her parents and running away, and changes her life in unexpected ways. This film was early in the actor’s career, Toni Collette is an amazing Australian actor who has been in so many successful films like Little Miss Sunshine, Tammy and Hereditary as well as many TV roles, receiving numerous awards throughout her career. Muriel’s Wedding is a comedy drama film, full of adventure, romance, family conflict and Abba, it’s an oldie but a goodie!

Starring Deborah Mailman, Jessica Mauboy and Chris O’Dowd (IT Crowd), The Sapphires is a musical comedy-drama film set in the late 60s, and has taken inspiration from a true story. Four Aboriginal Australian women each with amazing voices form a music group, and travel to Vietnam to entertain troops there during the war. This film has excellent music with some stellar vocals, romance, laughs and action, and features some awesome Australian talent.